Future Stuff (Partial development roadmap)

I don’t have a formal defined roadmap for the game, and am basically asking people what they like to see, mostly through reading the suggestions forum:

and the development priorities poll run from within the game. You can see the latest poll results here:

Having said that…here is my current todo list of new features (as opposed to bug fixes)

  • A Marketing system that allows you to place ad campaigns on TV, radio, Billboards and the internet. Researchable, and requiring marketing slots.
  • Defects and Car quality as a sales-price modifier.
  • Better GUI design.
  • Area-of-effect QA slots that reduce defects.
  • New researchable techs that reduce defects and boost quality.
  • New car body type : Compact Car (2 door).
  • New music and more variety of music.
  • Better sound effects.
  • Different demand over time for car body styles.
  • Ability to make more money from a feature if researched before competitors.
  • GUI to show you competitors, what tech they research and how competitive they are.
  • Ability to turn off upgrades at a slot.
  • Cosmetic changes to your factory (floor and walls etc)
  • New researchable techs that increase the production speed at manufacturing slots.
  • New car export slot which handles sales faster than the current slot (but bigger, more expensive, more staff)
  • Hybrid and electric engines.
  • Self parking and self-driving.
  • New researchable recruitment abilities that reduce labour costs.
  • Replacing humans with robots.
  • Equipment reliability and breakdowns.

Thank you so much for the Roadmap Cliffski.

I am very excited to see these features implemented in the game as after 150 hours of game play it has become a bit dull. That said, it is still great value for money.

The feature that I am most looking forward to is bigger maps.

To be honest I have not played the game in the last 3 updates simply because my factory is already so congested that I simply have not wanted to.

Will bigger maps be featured?

Bigger maps are definitely on my list. I need to make room for the new battery manufacturing lines! I think performance is now good enough that I can do a bigger map with more room for expansion.
Plus battery manufacturing will add new slots, and new researchable tech for the manufacturing process, so that will change things up for you :smiley:

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The work and future plans keep making this game better and better. I returned back to the game after stepping away for a bit. I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. For your QA items, add a early game “Basic QA/Repair defects” slot that will allow to catch and somewhat fix defects but it will take significant time and since this is a single slot, defects cannot be sent to a side line. So when a defect is found and fixed, it stops the whole line, This gives early game better quality for slower production. Companies with higher quality score should get higher values for the same components in the car.

  2. The competition needs to be reworked. In my current play through, the first tech researched was keyless entry. How can keyless entry be added to competitor cars when I have to research Doors Specialization, Security features, Central locking before I can even get to Keyless entry. I understand this would be a major undertaking but what if you had actual companies for competition? You would have to compete with more companies with the higher difficulty. Each company can decide either to compete in different models, more features, or better quality. Each company would have to research each slot and feature as the player. This would make each play through a bit different. The player may have to find a different strategy depending on what the competitors decide to do. The player may have to switch to different models, more expensive models, or more features or better quality.

I forgot to add that having specific competitors, marketing could be expanded to compete with a specific competitor a specific competitor’s model. (i.e. our hybrid is better quality than their hybrid)

As I recall, the pop up notifications are only alerting you when competitors research something that leads to a feature, such as keyless entry, so the research they do for stuff like door specialization happens without you knowing, which kind of makes sense anyway, as you only really know what the competition is up to when they announce new features on their latest model cars.

So how can a company research keyless entry before they researched central locking? Since central locking is required for keyless entry.

Aha indeed. That does sound like a bug. I shall investigate.

It was indeed a bug! fixed for 1.54…

Hi! Would it be possible to add a dialog box where you set up markup prices for cars? It’s kind of annoying when you have to click a gailian times to set for. examp. Luxuary car that is 250% or more ;D I wuld be nice to just type it in and pres enter or confirm button :slight_smile: