Gaiatopia Guide

Since no one really responded to my other thread about Malangaga, I’ll use a few pictures to get your attention.

Much like the other countries, GDP must be a primary focus or you’re going to hit your debt ceiling hard - and in a hurry.

Starting problems: Organized crime, Inner city riots, technologic backwater, street gangs, hospital overcrowding, contagious disease, vigilante mobs, binge drinking, homelessness, rail strike, drug addiction.

(1 = initial turn / before hitting the first next)
Budget deficit, % approval

  1. -1.81B, 43%, turn on small business grants and increase levels to full. To immediately increase GDP and start working on tech. backwater.
  2. -2.80B, 45%, turn off rail subsidies to solve the rail strike only because it effects GDP.
  3. -1.92B, 50%, approve technology grants and increase levels to full, repeal bus lanes.
  4. -1.61B, 35%, increase science funding to full, increase community policing to full.
  5. +0.52B, 32%, increase intelligence services to full, turn on jury trials and increase levels to full (to prevent liberals from getting angry)
  6. +1.15B, 37%, increase police funding to full.
  7. +2.13B, 47%, BINGE DRINKING off, increase military spending to 2B (to appease the patriots)
  8. +2.31B, 46%, PETROL PROTESTS on, lower petrol tax down to 1B
  9. +2.65B, 50%, VIGILANTE MOBS off
  10. -0.22B, 55%, gambling canceled. (wait to do this because it will lower your GDP)
  11. +0.38B, 61%, PETROL PROTESTS off, state housing proposed (but don’t increase funding)
  12. -0.11B, 62%, TECHNOLOGY BACKWATER off, repeal narcotics, propose free school meals and increase levels to full (work on crime and poverty)
  13. 3.49B, 65%, HOMELESSNESS off, increase military spending to 2.75B, lower gun rights to ‘license required.’
  14. 6.54B, 66%, HIGH PRODUCTIVITY on, INNER CITY RIOTS off, increase intelligence service to full, increase state health to 2.5B

Final result of first term (Surplus of 7.51B per quarter, re-elected with 69% of the vote)

Second term I focused on getting rid of hospital overcrowding (increased funding to full), appeasing the patriots (increasing military spending to full), and organized crime by proposing armed police but leaving the funding bar in the middle.

Hope this helps.