Galactic Civilizations

I wish gratuitous space battles would merge with Gal Civ from Stardock Entertainment.
If it’s possible to make a future deal with them and replace there battle viewer: make it so.

In Gal Civ 2, you design your ship from scratch (hull design included) before adding component. Each component as to be researched and you don’t actively play the battle; just like in Gratuitous space battle. But the actual combat viewer is really lame, and you never get the feel of fleet Vs fleet because all your ships attack the same enemy ship until it’s destroyed then target the second one while the enemy does the same. You never get out of a fight with many damaged ships, it’s always X destroyed ships, one damaged and the rest unscratched.
On the other hands, Gal civ offer a very good civ game. Near perfect AI, good economy system, excellent tech tree (unique tech tree for each race) and diplomacy all in a very immense galaxy. (or tiny one if you set it that way :stuck_out_tongue: )

To my opinion, both game would perfectly complete each other.
Of course the ‘assigning Order’ would have to be set automatically (at very least, an option to put it on or off)

I know it’s a huge programing job to match 2 separated engine (when not near impossible) but It would be worth it!
maybe fans can do the job for Gal Civ 2 or It could be in Gal Civ 3 (IF they ever make it).

So if I ever get a wish, I would wish for something else. But give me 3 wishes and this one might get done :slight_smile: