Galactic Conquest and a PC in a bad condition

a few months ago I started a Campaign at the advanced level , things are going reasonably well.
Unfortunately my old desktop PC ( a 2004 Pentium4) has some hw problems.
Obviously I can install GSB in another PC, but how can I keep playing my “precious” campaign on the new PC?

many thanks!

This may be an useless reply, but i wanted to tell you YES, the saved files of the campaing are located somewere inside the “My Documents” gsb folder. (as well as the screenshots, deployments, ship designs, challenges, etc). However i can’t remember were, but if someone here tells you were, you only have to copy it to your new PC.

I found it!

It’s in Documents\mygames directory

many thanks!

Awesome. :wink: I’m glad that you have a success here.