Galactic Conquest and Steam

If i buy Galactic Conquest through the website, can I still launch it through the main game that I bought on Steam?

An even better question is why you can’t purchase the Galactic Conquest “expansion” on Steam

Bought it on the website here and patched it over me Steam version. Only problem now is the frequency at which it crashes!

I presume it will still launch fine, but I haven’t tested that. There will be a delay in GC being on steam until next year due to their release schedule I’m afraid :frowning:

Had anyone tested ? Thanks :wink:

Yes, i have.
Galactic conquest works FINE WITH STEAM FOR WINDOWS.

When you’re installing it, you have to set the install folder to programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/gsb. It’ll make a folder called GSB inside the folder. Copy all the files from the inner folder into the folder that has the data for the game itself, then start it up from the executable in that folder

Thank you !

I’m can know think about buying it :wink:

Of course! I consider it one of my better purchases of the year, even if my first play-through WAS slightly game-breaking xD

I’m guessing the DLC is the same way then. . .

All I’d need to do is just install it to the steam common folder?

Yep. The folder should have the folders “Data”, “Nomads”, “Tribe”, “Order” in it. That’s where the GC stuff goes, as well

Or better yet, set the folder to “Program Files/steam/steamapps/common”, then there’s no copying involved (and less potential for something to get set up wrong).

Yea what Kemp says works; I just installed it and played it know (works for the dlc bundle too).

As for why its not on steam, idk. I"m sure cliff gets more revenue when we buy it direct though, so I feel better buying it from positech. I like supporting indie games when the games are good (look at the weird stuff in the MS indie game section on a 360; its just no good).

Steam have all the content, but there is a queue of stuff for them to release, and its been put back to beyond their holiday sale.

Any update on when Galactic Conquest will be available on steam? I has been over a month now.

I know! There was some hold-up regarding the mac version (they want both released simultaneously) I’m waiting to hear from various people now :frowning:

Ok, at least there is progress and the Steam version has not been forgotten about.

I too am anxiously waiting for this to be available on Steam. I don’t want to faff around with the methods mention above as steam makes further updates and patches easier plus the initial download after a full nuke!

I hope its available before my attention wavers…

@ Dev’s - Keep up the good work, the web interaction is a bit clunky but it has its own charm.

Conquest is now on Steam, but going to the Steam store page for it I get told,
“You already own Gratuitous Space Battles: Galactic Conquest”

I don’t, I own the original game and a few races. If I click on the “Play now” button it offers me, the original game launches.

This is probably dissuading people from purchasing the game. Certainly I’m reluctant to test with cash whether Steam will let me purchase the Galactic Conquest add-on and correctly upgrade my installation of GSB, for fear it’ll take my cash and refuse to install a game it think I already own…

Once this is resolved, count me in for a sale :slight_smile:

I get the message that I already own it, but slightly further down there is the usual purchasing button.

apparently everyone can buy it, it just looks like they already have it when they don’t. I presume they are still investigating :frowning: