Galactic Conquest Crash

I have lost 2 campaign games now, using the Steam version of the game with all of the add-ons. After capturing approx 10 of the planets, the game suddenly shuts down ( after clicking next turn button ) and any attempts to re-load my save game result in a freeze-I have to cntrl-alt-del to get out and there are several instances of something called ERROR running along with GSB. The one oddity I have noticed is that in my folder where the saves are kept ( Dave/My Games/GratuitousSpaceBattles/campaignprogress ) there are 3 campaigns listed there of which two have crashed. In the two CRASHED campaigns, the file called “progress” in the campaignprogress sub-folder is BLANK i.e. Zero bytes, while the campaign file for the game that still works is 10KB and contains a long list of stuff. I believe something is crashing the game while it is writing that file, causing the campaign to be lost!

Is there a way to rebuild that file so I can keep playing?