Galactic Conquest: mouse focused zoom

What I really miss in Galactic Conquest currently is, when zooming, to have the camera zoom in on the mouse cursor instead of the center of the screen, not unlike how zooming works in Supreme Commander, Soase or even AI war. Please Cliff? :slight_smile:

/signed for awesomeness


This is the only real suggestion I have at this time. It’s very simple but IMO very important in any top-down viewed game. Zoom To Cursor (or whatever else it gets called).

Supreme Commander did it perfectly all those years ago. Granted it’s a more critical feature in games where giving real-time orders is necessary, it’d still make the interface of this game a lot easier to use. When you play a game with zoom-to-cursor and then play one without, it just feels wrong, almost like you aren’t using the power of the mouse to its full potential.

If it’s already possible through modding or a config file, I’d love to know. (I found out from a post on the forum that it’s possible to change the furthest zoom level, which is nice to know too)

(Loving the game GSB by the way. Galactic Conquest is so addicting!)

I agree with all of you. For really boring reasons (I won’t bore you with the techhy details) this is MUCH harder than it sounds with the GSB engine.
However, it drove me so nuts I wrote the Gratuitous Tank Battles engine to support this from day one, and it’s much better :smiley:

Is there a snowball chance in hello that we can see a engine rebuild for GSB that fixes a lot of stuffs? Or would it just be too much to do for something that you have moved away from?

it’s just not economically viable to do that. it would take months and months and not actually generate any new sales of the game, so it would be a disaster, although if I was independently wealthy, I’d be pretty keen to do it.
GTB’s engine has changed a lot of the things that were sub-optimal in the GSB one, however.

Thinking on it on that way, i have to agree with cliff, this is just a minor change that will not increase the sales, its a lot better to focus any future efforts for GSB to make new stuff like DLCs module types and features.

Yea I was afraid of that, But It is is always nice to hear it from the maker of the game, Thanks Cliff.