Galactic Conquest now available for the Mac

The Mac version of the campaign expansion is now available for purchase. See more here:

or at Cliffski’s page:

You can buy it from either page. Same price as PC, $6.99.

What should we do if we got it for PC already? Will Cliff make the OS X download available in that case?

i byed the Galactic Conquest at Redmarbel, but the installer gives an “bus error” … cant install it at all?

hmm i did install something but there is no Online button! and all my honor and erverything i had is gone…

i made it finaly to install the champaign with this workaround!


and now i have the online button back!

Yes, sorry, there was a glitch in the original campaign installer, which has now been fixed. New purchasers will get the fixed version. Anyone who’s having trouble with the installer should email us at support (at) redmarblegames (dot) com and we’ll get you fixed up. Sorry about this.