Galactic Conquest Perks

Just an idea that came to mind, but it would be neat to have a small unique perk per race for the campaign. For example:

Federation: There’s a random chance a planet you own will ask you to escort a freighter to another planet. Upon completion, you are awarded with a sum of credits dependent on the distance from a-b and how many hostile planets were in between them when the mission was issued.

Rebels: Ship-yards you own have a small chance of producing a random ship design you have for every turn. So you start the turn and one shipyard might go pop another ship has joined your cause!

Swarm: As the battle progresses and the enemies % falls below 50% there is an increasing chance (higher chance per ship as the % drops) that enemy ships will turn around and run away from the battle.

that is all i can think of right now, but it would add some spice to the campaign in my opinion.

Tribe: You have a chance to get the enemy ship’s crew hooked on weed- reducing the accuracy of the ship’s weapons…

order: during battle, there is a chanse that an enemy ship will convert to your religion, causing them to change side and fire upon their allies >:D

Empire: You gain an additional 2% of the total credit income thanks to oppressive taxes. That comes with the drawback of having a chance of a random rebellion in one of your owned planets.

Alliance: You can pay crew instead of credits for repairing your own ships thanks to the magic of biotechnology.

I think those would be a pain to implement/balance but it’s probable that cliff sees this and likes it :slight_smile:

Nomads:They can activate ancient unknown wormhole network’s, every so often to go to a planet near by, normally unreachable from the selected planet!

Tribe- If they loose the battle, the crew gets out their personal weed stashes and feeds it to the ship’s AI. The ship goes haywire and the opposition can not capture it…

That’s awesome. In fact, the order should have a ‘converter’ beam that beams highly attuned psionic hymns at the enemy, and which renders their enemy ship useless for the duration :smiley:

that could be done with a emp beam if im not mistaken… only problem is the lightning effect xD

If converted the enemy ship should start singing the ancient Order’s holy song’s!


Yeah, i like that idea, similar to my “Cry of War” failed project :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

if the beams sound was some kind of singing, that could work.