Galactic Conquest: Upraising / ideas for next expansion

The catch-line:
You have conquered the galaxy, but your evil empire’s rule will not last for a thousand years as corruption and suppression stressed the conquered citizens to their limit… somewhere in a remote corner of your empire there will be an upraising, one that will bring down your empire …

In this expansion, the player can play the rebel alliance against the evil empire.
Load your previous saved-galaxy, start the upraising, liberate the galaxy from evil.

Key features:

  • Play against the mighty imperial fleets used on your conquest of the galaxy in Galactic Conquest. (Fight those fleet of turtle tanks / fighter swarms you used to conquer the galaxy…)

  • Start with designs of not one but two ‘conquered’ races.

  • Combine designs of two (or more??) races in your liberation fleet.

  • More races designs on your disposal as you liberate more systems (number depend on race expansion packs you purchased).

  • Encounter Imperial fleets with ships captured during their conquest (means against a 2 race combined fleet designed by other upraising expansion players).

  • customization on upraising starting conditions, build an upraising rebel fleet with preset resources.

  • More galaxy maps

  • Large galaxy maps with 80 systems to play in conquest mode and upraising mode

  • Galaxy map editor

  • New anomalies

  • New in game random anomalies (think that as unexpected disasters or space weather, ie EMP wave stops all fighters, rational blast takes down all shield on one side of the map at the beginning.)

  • Optional invasion resource cap. (cap crew and pilot on invasion or defense forces)

  • Optional Fighter / capitalship count invasion fleet limitation. (such as 16 fighter per frigate, 32 per capital ship.)

  • New fighter countering weaponry module. (ie. EMP burst disables fighters make them easy picks for anti fighter missile and guns.These modules are bloody expensive, crew / energy hungry to encourage combination of various designs in a fleet.)

  • New Kamikaze cruiser / frigate design (New fusion burst module aim to weaken the best of armor tank cap-ships, where such ship will weaken all ship armor near its explosion effected area.)

  • New race: The Leeches. A parasite that captures and uses designs of its enemies. (All race’s existing designs at these guys disposal, but specs tweaked.)

The current galactic conquest mode has tons of potential. However at this stage, there are clear ‘balancing’ issues. We can make it a better game with new ideas and improvement suggestions.
Feel free to add more ideas, try to be realistic and according to what the game’s actual game play is.

Thank you.


Good ideas, though the modding part will be hell. As will the fighting

Oh god, a fully equipped 35,000 credit Uni-T Space Station. I’ve lost maybe 2, and only to fighter or frigate swarms that rush and are at least 8 times larger of a fleet. And never with a fighter escort.
I can see the shattered hulks of my old ships already…
It might be a bit difficult, though.