Galactic conquest

Ok so i have been playing this for a few days now and have run into a few things

I would really love some more maps and the ability to either turn off some of the spacial anomalies or to build my own ship yards on planets

as it is on this current map there is one area where you hit a no cruiser choke point then shortly after a no fighter choke point reducing you to just frig’s battling the full gambit of fleets possible.

also the ai doesn’t seem to need to build its own ships from a current pool of cash and ship yards being able to pop out cruisers after a no cruiser choke point and no ship yards

another alt might be fleets that cant be used in a location are no deployable in battle and cant be used till the next planet if possible… and if you loss said battle where fleet isnt deployed then the are kicked back to the last location… this would also allow for moving fleets trough area you control but have choke points

i have run into a bit of a bug as well were the retreat button is extremely hard to activate being a extremely small area you can click to actually make your fleet retreat everywhere else you click on it seems to do nothing at all

id also love to see some anti air mods for cruisers

and build able JGs would be great to so i can connect points of the map directly

last but not lest i would love to be able to set rally points for planets for fleet built to be sent to another location and build cues to cue up my ship yards for a wile would be nice to

OMG can i please get a Plot course order set… maybe even with 3 or more way points

i have just about had it with my entire fleet ending up driving straight to the bottom right corner of the map

Either you have cautious orders on your ships to make them fall back like that OR all of their weapons are destroyed, so they fall back.

you can counter that with the new shiny “last stand” order which will make them continue to fight without weapons.

nope fully functional ships they just head straight to the bottom right of the screen not left… left would be retreat… seems to be formation doing it when all the ships are free to roam as they see fit then its just mas chaos on a grand scale

It would just be easier if i had them all drive to a set point before breaking off to ensue mass chaos to many times they tend to zero in on simple the wrong adjective dispiste order to ignore a class of ship.

I still end up with cruisers trying to chase figs clouds like trying to swat nats with PPC’s despite having priorities of frigs and cruisers set to over 90% and figs set to 1% or deleted

at lest if i could set a fleet destination point then i can at lest get them to a general area before they go hog wild trying kill anything they see