Looking at the demo deciding if I should buy. Looking at gambling and the slide goes limited stacks/age limit then no stakes limit but age limit disappears. Does this meant there will be no stakes limit and no age limit? I want no stakes limit but still age limit.

Hi, those are just descriptions that imply that the restrictions vary with teh slider, the names do not have any technical meaning.

So does that mean there will be no stack limits and no age restriction or no stack limit but age restriction?

Bit confused as to what you’re saying. What do you mean have no technical meaning? Aren’t they suppose to explain what each point on the slider will be?

well they do, in terms of showing you the sort of effects you get from each point of the slider, but they eventually are just representations of equations that show the effects that gambling has on people, rather than distinct sets of rules.

And maybe you should make gambling a non-cancellable policy… Otherwise, you can just simply ignore it, and that isn’t right…