Game closing

I notice that when I have a romantic partner, and I try to do an activity with just one person (chess, for example), even if it’s someone of the same sex, the game says it has encountered an error and it shuts down. It’s done this every time. Is it something I’m doing wrong?

Hi, I haven’t heard of this before. Can you email me the files in the games ‘debugfdata’ folder (inside the kudos folder) the next time it crashes? you can send them to cliff AT positech DOT co DOT uk.
They may tell me what’s going wrong,

I have the same problem. Will email the files.

I also got the same problem yesteday… glad I’m not the only one

It crashes for me too, but only when I’m doing something alone with someone of the same gender.

I’ve just taken a look at someones save game with this issue, and I cannot replicate it, i can socialise with the people just fine. How irritating.
The save game did have some very weird stuff going on in terms of lots of instances of the same activity, seemingly happening at the same day…
There must be something about your versions, or your O/S that I can’t replicate. Are you using Windows XP? have you all patched the game? or was it a fresh clean install? are you using a save game started on an older version maybe?
If possible, could someone replicate this problem with a new game, started with the very latest version?
The minute I can replicate it, I’ll fix it.

I’m using the latest patch, and I have Win XP. The crashes happen on both my saves, one new and one old. I’ve found the crashes easy to replicate though it doesn’t always happen, might be for certain events.

As I said, it happened to me yesterday, which was using XP with a clean install from a couple of days ago…

I installed the latest patch this morning, so if it happens again I will send you the save file

Thanks, I’m determined to fix it.

I redid patch 1.18. redownload and apply it, and that crash should be gone.