game crash (full version)

I keep getting this msg when tryin to start the game…
missing global variable:…\src\SIM_GloibalVariables.cpp 40

pls help me fix this…

Hi there. This normally means a mod has been installed, and it was for an old version or doesn’t work properly. If you want to make sure this is the case, you need to uninstall the game, delete the MyDocuments/My games/Kudos 2 folder, and then reinstall it. That should fix it.
If it doesn’t, run the game again and once it’s crashed, email the files in the games \Kudos2\debugdata folder to and I will investigate further.

ok thanx, is there a way to change my starting cash?

if you look in the file data\config.txt you will see it in there.

ive tried it but when i change it the game wont load up…