Game Crash on ''Hackers breaching critical systems" event.

When I got the “Hackers breaching critical systems” event and chose for the “Arrest these criminals” option the game crashed. The “Hire Them” option does work.

I went looking for the debug information and found this:
[12:8:51:706]- Failed to find neuron[Liberals]:…\src\SIM_Neuron.cpp 416
This makes sense since I’ve reduced my Liberalism to a minimum, but I still don’t get why it completely fails.
I’ve added the safefile in the attachments.
To my knowledge I’m running the latest version as of 21-5-2018 and I’m using the following mods:
Social Engineering, Extremism and Clones and Drones

On a completely underrated note. Is it possible to overflow your debt.
Crazy France.xml (1.89 MB)