game crash :(

Hi! I bought the game from Yahoo Games, and everything was fine until today.
I find that when I try to log in to Kudos 2, it will load onto the main screen, then when I try and load my saved game, it will only load halfway, and then there is a pop-up that says:
Could not find job:…\src\SIM_JobBase.cpp 507
What can I do?
Is there a way I can save my game?
Thank you!
Jen x

it could be just that you are missing a data file, i think .cpp is either a txt or a spreadsheet file.

so i’d suggest downloading a trial version of the game, copy everything from the trial kudos2/data folder and dump it into the old game.
make sure you make backup just in case :slight_smile:

yes that sounds like good advice. it might be that a mod has been added which expects a later version of the game, or you are using a save game from a different version.

I’m having the same problem with the exact same error message! I tried installing the Demo version and overwriting the Data files for Kudos 2 with the Data files from the Demo, as was suggested. No luck.

A little background - I’ve played this game for several hours with no problem. This is my second character. I did close the game without properly exiting or saving (I was hoping that would let me revert to a previous point in my game, since I’d just had some bad outcomes that I wanted to erase). That’s when I started getting this message. I’d also been fired from my high-paying actress job and was back to waiting tables. :frowning:

I’m pretty invested in this game. Can anyone think of a way that I could get it back? I’m also nervous about starting a new game because I’d hate for this to happen again.