Game Crash


I just bought the game, and was loving it until today, when I decided to splash out on a nice new monitor for my laptop.

Now the game wont run. So it’s either that the game doesnt like

  1. being played on a second screen
  2. the resolution of the new monitor

Any ideas if there is already a fix?



You will need to provide more information.

1: What exactly do you mean by “wont run”? Do you mean that nothing happens when you double-click the game icon? Do you mean that the game crashes with an error dialog on launch? Do you mean that the game starts up but crashes after a while?

2: In the game installation folder, there is a subfolder “debug data”. Zip up all files in there and attach them to the forum post. Cliffski can use that information to get an idea of what the problem might be.

Ah Yes

Appologies, by “won’t run” I mean that the game starts loading, the screen goes black, and waits a while, if i alt-tab out there is an error message, “failed to initialise 3d engine…\src\Game.cpp 289”

I runs fine on my first monitor at 1440x900, but the 2nd monitor that im driving at 1920x1080 it just doesn’t like


Andrew (1.15 KB)

Since im running windows 7 and the 64 bit version there were error files elsewhere with something more useful (1015 Bytes)

This looks like a video card driver bug. Are you sure you have installed the latest drivers correctly? Sometimes things can screw up if you don’t install video card drivers exactly according to their instructions, especially if you are replacing an existing card.
GSB should work happily with multiple monitors, in fact I develop on twin monitors, and can happily drag the window between the two, or even have it astride both of them and run fine. Its more likely the card driver at issue.

I don’t think that the game is at fault as I am running basically the same setup - Laptop and External LCD Monitor. I’m running GSB at 1680x1050; under Win7 64 Enterprise, and its great.