Game Crash

Hi I have been playing the Demo and like it but before I buy the full game I am not sure if the issue I have can be resolved. The game will sometimes run 20mins to an hour and then there will be a small grapical glitch and the game will stop. It doesn’t just crash though It locks up my Whole computer and I am unable to retart without hitting the power button. Sometimes it is frozen like this and then others it is frozen while playing a sound loop.

Is there anything I can do to fix this or is the full version more stable than the demo.

I am running Windows Vista 32 bit
My graphics card is an Nvidia 240 GT
3gigs of RAM
2.4 Ghz quad core

Freezes usually involve corrupt drivers or overheating hardware. Have you tried other ressource intensive games and applications?

Well I ran Lord of the rings online for about an hour before I started playing GSB and for the last couple weeks I have been playing Half life 2 without any problems

I really recommend running a heat monitoring application while playing GSB such as SpeedFan or Everest so you can check. I would also recommend making sure you’re using the latest drivers for your hardware.

As I said, most freezes occur because of bad hardware, overheating or bad drivers. It’s usually not the application’s fault and I can’t say the game is more stable than the demo as they are rather identical except of course for content, and they are both very stable. Please not however that GSB is very heavy on the CPU, and both LOTR online and HL2 may be less stressful in that regard, so they may not be the best apps/games to compare with. It is very much possible IMO that GSB is causing your CPU to overheat, which has little to do with the game and all to do with your cooling system.

Okay I will try to look at the heating issues for the CPU though some of the crashes have occurred on menu screens and I am not sure how tough just sitting on the menu screens would be on the CPU

Well After a short test My CPU runs about 6-8 degrees hotter when playing GSB but I didn’t see a Freeze this time it was the first time I had seen it crash to desktop.

What can I do to improve my cooling situation as speedfan says 2 out of 4 cores are running too hot at idle

Also I forgot to mention before that one of the freezes still allowed me to move my mouse though I could not Ctrl-alt-del out or close the game in any way