Game crashes after modding on mac

I wanted to reduce the cost of the bus to work so I went to mod the commute.csv and set the bus costs to 0.
After that I went to load my saved game, and halfway loading it crashed.
I switched the bus costs to it’s original price but it still crashed, and I did not edit anything eles in the csv file.
Anyone know a solution to this problem?

Hi cherylrawr

I’m only familiar with Windows, but when you edit those files you have to be careful you don’t open and save the file using a program that changes any other text. On Windows that means avoiding Microsoft Word, Wordpad, etc and instead using Notepad.

Basically, if the text program you are using allows you to add bold, underlines, colours, etc then that program may be causing the problem.

Try reinstalling Kudos, which should fix the problem, then, after you’ve backed up the file, try opening and saving the commute.csv file using the program you used, without changing anything, and see if the problem occurs again. If it does then you need a different text editor.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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