Game Crashes Immediately at launch

While there is a thread on a similar topic there is no answer to it and no comments so i figured it would be fine to double up as the title suggests the issue im having is the game crashes after being opened immediately it shows the positech logo then crashes. Here is the debug file i dont know enough about computers to know if this helps but alas worth a try.
[15:43:29:439]- ----DEBUG FILE----
[15:43:29:439]- Windows 7 detected
[15:43:29:439]- Game version: 1.04
[15:43:29:439]- Command Line: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Democracy 4\Democracy4.exe”
[15:43:29:439]- Command Line argument:[]
[15:43:29:439]- Desktop resolution is 1440 x 900
[15:43:29:439]- Loaded Config: 1440x900@0 [fullscreen]
[15:43:29:439]- GEngine::Init Engine mode: 1440x900
[15:43:29:439]- GEngine::Desktop mode: 1440x900
[15:43:29:439]- Matching desktop res
[15:43:29:439]- Calling SDL_CreateWindow: 1440x900@0 [fullscreen]
[15:43:29:720]- Initialising 3D Engine
[15:43:29:767]- OpenGL Vendor : ATI Technologies Inc.
[15:43:29:767]- OpenGL Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 7560D
[15:43:29:767]- OpenGL Version : 4.5.13399 Compatibility Profile Context 15.201.1151.1008
[15:43:29:767]- Initialising global vertex buffer
[15:43:30:298]- Failed to open file: C:\Users\Ben\Documents/My Games/democracy4/stats.ini : 2
[15:43:30:298]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [C:\Users\Ben\Documents/My Games/democracy4/stats.ini]
[15:43:39:269]- PANGO context font map font families:
[15:43:39:269]- Noto Sans CJK SC
[15:43:39:269]- Noto Sans
[15:43:39:269]- Sans
[15:43:39:269]- Serif
[15:43:39:269]- Monospace
[15:43:39:269]- Initialising Sound Engine

Hi, this log is suspiciously ending just as we try to communicate with your sound card. I assume this is a PC that has onboard sound or a soundcard of some sort? Is there anything unusual about the sound capabilities/hardware/software of this PC?

I’m not 100% sure there’s anything special about it. It was a prebuilt pc I have no idea what the sound card situation is let me do some research and find out. Thank you for the response.

after trying every fix reinstalling drivers disabling this that and the other i am still having i have exhausted all my computering capabilities and i’m still having the same issues any advice from anyone would be welcome