Game crashes on first playthrough: saved file attached

Unknown scripted function:\src\SIM_Script.ccp 228

Bought this game from steam.
I just got this crash on my first playthrough, and it broke the game. I went back to previous saves, and it happens again and again. It has happened during different policy choices that come up such as nuclear test ban treaty, and whether to allow software patents. Choosing agree or disagree does not prevent the crash from happening. Is there a fix?
Game breaking problem, and it was too bad because the game was actually fun for the short time I played.
Now I feel discouraged to start a new game because I figure it will just happen again; so what is the point.
I have read up on this crash and apparently many others experience the same thing.

I have provided an attachment with the save game file. After you make a decision and click on next, it will crash reliably.
(EDIT: this forum will not even allow me to upload the save game file, as it says “The extension xml is not allowed. The upload was rejected because the uploaded file was identified as a possible attack vector.”)
Guess I am up shits creek.

Hi, can you email the save game file to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk.