Game crashes upon starting? Help!

Ok, i just got the game. And i recently downloaded three mods. I found out the mods make my game crash, so i removed them. But even after removing them, they crash! Help?

if in any of the mods you downloaded are used in any ship designs, or if you have custom ships used in deployments, that could be the cause of your problem since the game is trying to find something that is not there.

do you get a specific error message? [user]…\my games\gsb or gratuitous space battle or w/e the folder is called will have an error log .txt file there.

you can always uninstall and reinstall the game. i did this through steam through the “delete local content” option. it DID preserve my completed missions and my mission deployments so if my first paragraph is in fact your problem, then you must delete the my games sub-folder too that has more GSB info in it.

if you’re comfortable modding, then you can try and find all the instances where a custom weapon/ship is named in the .txt files and then take out those lines. could be time consuming though.

Thanks. Will reinstall. no, i did not get a specific message. Only a standard windows error.