Game Crashes

I am having problems with survival mode. The game crashes around 550,000 to 600,000 points for Veil Nebula. In attached screenshots you can see that the memory used is high-it increased constantly over the course of playing, however I still had free memory when the crash occurred. I don’t know much about computers, after a bit of research I set Virtual Memory from 6,000 GB to 9,000/50,000 GB, but that didn’t work. Also, off topic: how do I run multiple instances at the same time? How do I mod? Are high scores on the board all unmodded? Are high scores on the board the result of exploiting the “stacking” bug? I’d like to compete against fleets facing the same rule set I am. Unfortunately my limit is the game crashing more than anything else :(.


As for the high scores, last I checked there was no checksum to make sure you’re not using modded content, so I’m rather certain some people got that high by cheating.

I had thought the resource monitor I put in my screenshots was the way to measure memory, and that only when free space reached zero would this cause a crash. How can I know when a crash is imminent?

Also, what third party programs work to speed up the rate a battle runs at? Is the memory increase a real time problem or a game time problem?

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