Game Crashing

I installed this game yesterday and I have gotten to year 7. It is crashing when I choose an even with the friend on the bottom of the choice list. What is causing this?

It’s coming up as a Kudos error and the window error reporting screen pops up.

hmmm I haven’t seen this before. Can you email me the files in the debugdata directory to cliff AT, the next time it does it? And if you have a save game (last autosave would be great) that would help too. Does anyone else experience this?

_< My game keeps randomly crashing too, and it hadn’t done it until I downloaded ALL of the new internet updates, so I deleted all of them except for the Koji one because that was my avatar for the game I was in, and now it keeps crashing when I click ‘continue’ or try to do something socially. x_x;

How do I find the debug directory?

I think I found the file. I’ve sent it. Cannot find last autosave file.