Game doesn't end when attacking

I’ve just ‘finished’ an attacking game on the 3rd level, except the game isn’t ending. I’ve got more than enough victory points to win (~8000 out of 4000), and I have absolutely no units left anywhere. The AI has stopped building turrets etc, but the game will not end, leaving me rather stuck!
One slightly related note is that it appears that the game will sometimes save blank units for whatever reason, meaning I can have an infantry squad with no upgrades. This means they can’t move, so if I accidentally deploy one of these squads then the game also will never end. I have not deployed any for the above game, however.

It’s the Steam version of the game, but I am running GTB.exe from the folder on recommendation from a friend - let me know if there’s anything else I can tell you.

You need to have no placeable units, if you are the attacker, for the game to end. It sounds like you have an annoying unmovable cheap unit that you won’t place and which prevents you using up your full allocation of points. (Basically the game is waiting until you have run out of points or can’t place anything else).
Just delete those corrupted units in the design screen.

Ah that makes sense, thanks for clarifying!