Game Forces Full-Screen?

I love this game and it seems like the perfect sort of thing to play in the background while multi-tasking. However, whenever I try to play the game in windowed mode, it will go into windowed mode for a brief moment, but then just automatically revert back to full-screen. I’ve tried doing it through both the in-game options menu and hitting Alt + Enter, and both ways produce the same result. I’ve never had a game so stubborn like this, does anybody know why? I’m playing on a Windows 7 laptop with a 1366x768 resolution. Thanks!

Just a quick update: I used a program, dxwnd, to try to force it into windowed mode. However, when I attempt to launch the game this way, it visibly attempts to force full-screen, then after a second crashes while at the same time going windowed with a screen that’s fully white. Why is it so difficult to get this game to play in windowed mode?