Game Freezes (not yahoo)

My problem is that Kudos randomly freezes, causing me to have to reboot my computer. I’ve search the posts here, but see only comments about a yahoo freezing problem – I just got the game from BigFish though.

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern or trigger. Once I reboot, I am able to start the game and play as normal, until the next freeze/crash randomly occurs. Help!

I am using Windows 2000, if that matters.

But, it’s a great game, btw. :smiley:

Hi, does the game also do this in windowed mode? If your screen resolution is above 1024x768, you can use alt+enter to toggle between the two. Often a problem that freezes a game or PC pops up an error that you don’t see in fullscreen mode.
I’m presuming you have scanned your PC for viruses and spyware etc? Does the freeze coincide with any specific point in the game? or does it seem totally random?

I will try the window solution out. It is possible that my messenger window is popping up. Thanks for such a fast response. :slight_smile: