Game glitched, can't use honor

I was playing the GSB Demo late one night, and I hacked the honor points using Cheat Engine 5.6.1. Next morning, I started up the game to find that everything in Fleet HQ was locked. I tried to re-install the game multiple times, and even did a Systems Restore, but the Fleet HQ was still “locked”. Is there any way to completely re-install the GSB Demo? (Cheat Engine got deleted when I did the System Restore, and left a corrupted file, so I won’t be downloading it again)

delete \mydocuments\my games\gratuitous space battles, and that resets everything.
That also deletes all your ships and progress though.

Ah, Cheat Engine. The one time I seriously thought about downloading it, A, I read what was needed to use it fully, and B, Norton objected. The two combined did not impress me.

you do realize that you can just “hack” honor points by modifying a text file?

either way,i advise you not to… the stuff is locked for a reason and if you unlock everything you`ll end up with a load of modules and with no idea what do they exactly do and how to use them propertly

if you go through it step by step,it will take you far less time to learn the game propertly… i lab-tested this on several people with several games (and several blunt instruments),this works much better than just getting all you want at one time and then pondering what to use
besides,its more difficult this way,which makes every victory just a bit more rewarding