Game Guide

Has anyone got a good, extensive game guide? I’m new to politics, just watch the odd bit on TV but not that interested. Why did I buy this game then I hear you ask. 'cause I like management type games, of which this is one (Cliff you need to do a remake of Capitalism 2 :slight_smile:)

I’m a bit lost so lose every election. One thing I’ve noticed, which I’m a bit disappointed in is I’ve picked Gregaria every time. Every time the same UN ministers are on the option to choose one (names might be different but the same personalities are there). Same policies seem to appear at the end of turns as in the children’s food, etc etc. Gets a bit dull, maybe I’m doing something wrong there.

Anyway, so has anyone got any good guides? I started the game, the other party has 35mil members I only have 3 mill, how am I suppose to compete with that?

Anyone got some good guides? Maybe it could be made a sticky.

Finally had my first election win.

What I’m confused about is Farmers is quite high (was higher before the election) along with self-employed. Yet my minister who likes those people is still moaning they aren’t getting good deals and is threatening to leave.

I think this is because they may have had low happiness in the past, and it takes a while for this to filter through to the minister. But I will double check to ensure that is working as it should.

I had this happen with the Socialists–yet they were “in the green” with me from the start, and I played to their values. Still, one of the ministers let me know in no uncertain terms that the Socialists weren’t happy, and that if I continued along my current path, she would leave.

gah… you are both right. It’s a calculation bug that means ministers are all a bit too miserable.
I’ll fix it.
Damn Damn Damn.

I realise that I only won the election 'cause I set the term for 5 years I believe it was. So still would need a game guide. 3 years, for me, just doesn’t seem long enough to gain enough power to win an election, so I’ve put it up to 5 years. Won 2 elections so far and still going strong. I’m trying to make it like England, how long is our Prime Minister in term for before an election has to be held?

I think we are every four years (and the Americans are five - if they are five then we are four!) Yes, I seem to recall that the default option for the UK on the demo of Dem1 was 4 years…

According to Wikipedia (the fountain of rarely-accurate knowledge), an election must be called within five years of the last but can be called sooner; the party in charge tends to try timing it to their advantage (whilst staying in power as long as possible), so I think it would be typically around the four year mark.

OK thanks. Been reelected again :slight_smile: with a 99% predicted approval rate and an £8 bill surplus :slight_smile:

The maximum term between elections in the UK is five years, although the Prime Minister can call it earlier if he wishes, and the convention in recent years (1983, 1987 (not 1992 and 1997) 2001, 2005) has been to call it after four. It is fixed at four in the US (2000, 2004, 2008 etc.)