Game hangs consistently : (

I downloaded the demo the other day and tried it out tonight, but it keeps hanging.

At first, I tried the tutorial, and it froze. Tee music continued to play, but it wouldn’t allow taskmanager to be brought up. So I tried doing the demo scenario, but that wasn’t happening either.

The CPU light at the front of my machine just blinked on and off steadily, which it always does when it freezes. : (

I’d love to buy the full game, but I’d also really love to be able to play it too D:

512 RAM
AMD Sempron 3400 2.01GHz
Radeon 9250 128-mb graphics

Though it does seem to do this occasionally with other games, this one it seems to do rather quickly. Before I could even finish my first turn.

Any working help will be met with a $19.95 tip likely : )