Game hangs upon exiting situation/statistic [Windows]


As I was exiting what I think was the Immigration statistic (not entirely sure, could also have been my immigration policy) in my third term in the UK, the game hanged. This was just after loading the main screen (the one with all the policies). My cursor was still on one of the circles and it seemed to stop doing anything between drawing the red/green circles and drawing the lines. Moving the cursor or clicking on some other policy didn’t do anything. When I got task manager to open, I saw that democracy 3 was using about 33% of my CPU.

It might be useful to know that the game hanged a bit before, most notably both times after it had drawn the election graph but before drawing the graph, details, and “start new term” buttons, although both times it recovered from that after about one or two minutes.

I’m running democracy 3 on a freshly installed Windows 8, and haven’t had any hangs or crashes in other software (although, to be fair, this is probably the heaviest thing I’ve ran on it so far). I’ve uploaded my autosave from about five to ten minutes (If I remember correctly) before the hang, as well the debug.txt and drawdebug.txt files (I had to upload to my own hosting, as I found no pastebin-like thing that would accept files the size of the autosave).

Let me know if you need additional information.

Unrelated smaller problem: I also had a problem where homelessness was below its stop trigger, yet was still a problem. It was gone the next turn though. I, stupidly, forgot to get the savefile from that, however.

Thanks in advance,

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yes, the situations only actually end at the start of turn after the trigger hits, which is a bit of an artifact of the way the simulation works I’m afraid :frowning: I’ll look into the other stuff.