Game has become unplayable since the last update

I get fairly consistant game lock-ups since the last update, when before I never had any problems with the game.

It always locks up on the “Please Wait” screen right before a battle.

No error messages, just a game lock, I can close out the game via the Windows task Manager.

I did verify the game cache via Steam and it reported no problems

I even had it lock up when pressing the “Fight” button.

Its wierd since I never had these problems before and nothing has changed on my computer that I can recall.

It was this last update that seemed to cause my problems, but I cant be sure since i was not playing this game consistantly, I come back to it from time to time when I see new content and then I play it to death and wait for more.


Have you tried removing the game, deleting your personal data (back it up first), and then reinstalling the game? That can fix things when the game gets into a weird state. I don’t have any specific advice for this particular problem though.

I guess I thought the File validation tool that steam has would have fixed anything, but I certainly will give that a try.

The latest patch changes the exe, so any firewalls that had rules to let it through will need to be re-set to allow the game again. ‘please wait’ means the game is contacting the server, so it sounds like a firewall is blocking the connection at that point.

I tried that. I made sure the gsb.exe was added to the list of accepted programs in the firewall.

Still no love with it. It still stops responding 75% of the time when playing the campaign.

Any ideas from the developers at all?

It could also be a proxy setting. If you have a proxy set up in internet explorer (it affects all windows traffic) then that would block the game from connecting.
It also could, theoretically be a threading issue. You can run task manager, when the game is running, and right click gsb.exe and set processor affinity to just 1. That shouldn’t make a difference but I can imagine theoretically how it might do.