Game improvements :)

Hi there :tipping_hand_man:,
I have clocked up 72h of game play and have come up with some suggestions for improvements especially in the late game

  1. Some high-end research should be unlocked when you reach a certain level of income
  2. In-game missions are a must! I love playing challenge missions but once I have achieved them, meh… on to the next :slight_smile: OK OK we have achievements to unlock but, again once you have done them …
  3. Drag and drop in a research queue and production queue.
  4. Better organisation of build slots in the menu Maybe like in the attached picture?


  1. Sun roof, panoramic roof and spoiler should never be common options It seem kind of silly to me :smile:
  2. In current pricing system, small car, sedan, pickup, SUV and sport’s car all cost the same to make? (base model) That should not be the case.
  3. When you place down a manufacturing slot it should automatically set imports on relevant slots to Prefer Local
  4. More expensive robots and better effect.
  5. When you place down a slot it should give you the option to set possible upgrades, if you have researched them. Because it’s very tedious to click on every slot and upgrade … Some times you do not want to upgrade all.
  6. Maybe add a full on manual production slot, for the very HIGH END cars :blush:
  7. The ability to recall all the cars from the show room that lack certain features and upgrade them, but at a higher cost then if they were installed in the factory.
  8. When you place down generators where does the fuel come from? That needs to be worked out :wink:

So this are my suggestions. What do you lovely people think? :wink:

Interesting ideas, especially the build menu thing you mocked up. Much appreciated.