Game In French ?

Hello guys,
I just wanted to know , i just got the game , but is there a way to change it to French ?
I speak english , but i dont understand everything. Thx.
BTW , i dont understand , for the things to be good , does it have to be Green ? or Red ?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Interface text is in “strings.ini”, you backup it and translate it.

Policies descriptions are in *.csv files. Backup it and open with Excel.

At the moment these files are not moddable, but if you wait, the developer will make it moddables so you or other people can create a translation.

Now you can only mod new policies or new countries.

Red means “decrease”, Green means “increase”.

A Green arrow to crime is bad because mean that something is increasing crime.

A Red arrow to poverty is a good thing because mean that something is decreasing poverty.

In the manual is all explained.

Thanks alot :smiley: