Game Infinity% And another bug

Yes its me again,(Sorry) with yet another bug (Don’t worry a visual one again!)

Clicking on someones interest of “games” i noticed it said Infinity% I do not get this bug with other interests (that i can tell).

In the pictures you can see what i mean, on two different people it says that games is Infinity%, However in my third picture you can see that the interest is not bugged, thus i believe it is a purely visual bug.,rCC9iwq,SefinWg#0

There was a second bug i encountered, i was sent on an away mission, everyone died, that was fine, Then a few days later i finish mastering a job to get the aspiration and i get my new aspiration, the new one said to receive a mention from a guy who was dead!

This means i had to spend creds to skip it.

Ah yes, the “Infinity” bug is one I’ve seen recently too, will definitely be fixing that. :slight_smile:

And eep, aspirations about the dead? That definitely should not be happening. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll see if I can track this down.

Oh, I should ask: in that particular game, you don’t happen to accidentally have two characters named Deng Feles, do you? Just in case I’m barking up the wrong bug-tree. :slight_smile:

Looking in the search bar only had one