Game is crashing on me badly

i started a new tactic of using massive loads of fighters in my battles. since then the game is starting to crash badly and keeps on doing so until i restart windows.

Are there any error messages when it crashes? If the game encounters an error it should write it in a file called:

C:\Program files\Gratuitous Space Battles Beta\debugdata\errors.txt

no it did not. apparently that’s not working right also :frowning:

also no i got no error messages. i just got the windows message that GSB has stopped working properly.

That sounds like a hardware crash, such as an overheating video card or buggy driver, or a card that can’t handle certain configurations in-game. What card is it?

you very well may be right. its a 9600 gt and i have had trouble with high-end graphics games sending it way up to 90 degrees C.

Eeek, that doesn’t sound healthy

lol you should have seen the temps when i had an 8800gt in the system! its a low profile case with lousy cooling.