Game mode, opposite of Supply Limits

One of the worst things about supply limits is the fact that you are limited. A fleet you build can be useless, minor rejigging beacuse of some slides someone set is annoying to say the least.

So, i propose a not so original exact opposite to this mode, Supply Surplus.
There are certain modules that your fleet has in excess. And your higherups are keen for you to use them.

So, theyve reduced the prices on a certain number of these modules… to free!
Same sliders and stuff, only the cost of these modules is dedcted from your fleet costs, withing the number range set.

This allows for some more interesting challanges. All options are still open to you. (Really love missile fleets? You can always use them in this mode) But whatever modules are free will probably represent a stronger choice. So bewating the persons fleet while not using free gear, bragging rights there.

An interesting sub game from this would be to set everything free, a set number of pilots, and see what fleets people come up with.
Of course, its also open to abuse with someone putting all the type of ships they make free, and all others not. Or combining it with supply limits if thats enabled.
But this is a concern that i have for normal supply limits aswell. (See my impossible! challange)