Game replayability

Been looking at videos of the game, and it looks really fun, but the one thing that bugs me is that it looks as though once you get good at handling the game, there isn’t an awful lot to do? I was just interested in the opinions of some people who have actually played the game as to whether or not there is a lot of replayability. I know that you can set yourself particular targets and goals, but outside of that I’m not sure what else you could do. I suppose mods would help?

This post probably sounds overly negative, it still looks a great game! I’m just contemplating whether it’s worth the current price or not!

The mods will introduce new country and new policies.

In term of replayability… if you disable “infinite term” and choose 2 terms only it will be very challenging totally modify a country.

I’m thinking of buying the game too, and after the lastest post of Cliffski in his blog and this review of TotalBiscuits I’m very sure that replayability is in the game.

Yeah mods would certainly make it more interesting, I’m just interested in some opinions from people who have put a few hours+ into it, to see how they feel about it after that.