Game runs extremely slow


I bought democracy 2 a few days ago and I’ve been unable to play it. Basically once the real game starts everything slows down to a crawl. The mouse moves very slowly and when I rollover the various icons it takes a while for them to pop out and show the various green and red lines, after a few minutes the green and red lines stop showing up at all. I have managed to resolve the mouse moving slowly problem by running the game in windowed mode where the game mouse pointer is replaced by the windows mouse pointer which works fine but I’m still having a hard time actually playing the game since the lines which are essential part of the game don’t appear after a couple of times. I downloaded the Democracy 1 demo and it seems to have the same problems (although to a lesser extent). I have an hp laptop windows vista 2 gb ram Nvidia 6150 video card with all the drivers updated, my laptop is only about 2-2.5 years old and is able to run much more intensive games without any issues. Infact I had Democracy 1 a year ago on my desktop which is 5-6 years old and it ran fine yet it has problems on the laptop. Any help is much appreciated.


Never-mind, I fixed the problem. If anyone else is having a similar problem this is what i did. Go to device manager- go to the graphics card- then rollback the driver. After doing this the game is running smooth without any issuses at all. It’s wierd that the game has an issue with the newer version of the driver but whatever. :slight_smile:


The last few nvidia drivers have been truly truly dire. One broke all vertex buffer use in DX7, the next one turned off peoples fans and melted the GPU…
I’m glad I bought an ATI card in my last PC :smiley:


I’d prefer not to roll back the driver as no other applications has a problem with it. Is there another solution for this problem as the agme is completely unplayable in this state. Everything is as the previous posts stated - EXTREMELY SLOW…