Game Runs Slower With Every Save. Zerog Games Version 1.0

I bought this game from the HP Games center console installed on my laptop. It worked fine when I tried the demo but after I bought it and played for a few hours the game began to load slowly and sometimes not at all. It takes 2 - 5 minutes to load the game from a save and sometimes it crashes. It say my version of the game is from Zerog Games and it is version 1.0. I really was likeing this game but I just can’t stand the load times for such a basic game. Is there anything I can do or known ways to fix this?

Oh it also seems to get worse after every save I make.

I wish I had known about alternate versions before buying this seemingly bugged version. :confused:

Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: I tried making a new game and it also worked perfectly until about 2 - 3 hours of play time and then every time I load or create a save it gets slower and slower and I get the “Not Responding” indication.

hello, code-wise, the version you have should be identical in performance terms to any other copy of the game. This isn’t a widely reported issue (at all) so I would suspect something on your PC is causing problems with the game. Loading the game is taking about 15 seconds (maximum) for most people AFAIK, so it sounds like something is very wrong.
is this a brand new PC? and does it have windows vista? if so, I think it might be that your copy of vista is still doing its silly ‘indexing’ nonsense it does for the first week or two of being installed (which drove me crazy). Let us know the details of your PC and I’ll try to help.

It is an HP Pavilion Notebook dv9000. It has windows vista ultimate and the game came as download option in the “My HP Games” section of the laptop. As it is a laptop I cannot change any hardware. If there is a way to go through hp games and change its compatibility mode I could try that. I got this laptop in August of this year.

I was also thinking it might have to do with the fact that I have to use a launcher from HP to play the game since I bought it through them. I wish I could separate it from this launcher and use it as a normal game.

sounds like the indexing will have finished by now then, but its likely to be some nonsense that is pre-installed on the laptop itself, they always pack them full of silly ‘utilities’ nobody uses. can you run the game in a window? if you can, you can run it and keep checking windows task manager (right click the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop and select task manager) it will show you whats running in the background, and how much memory everything uses. it sounds like something else is using up all the RAM, because if the game itself had a slowdown, it would affect everyone.

I was unable to get the game to launch without hp games so I downloaded the one from this website. It was worth it to hopefully fix my issue since I am now addicted to this game… :wink:

After doing this I noticed that the game from this site is done English style where as the one I bought has American written all over it… American Dollars, Different City (American City) and it has limited avatars to choose from… to be honest it looks to me like it is a dumbed down ruined American version of the same game.

It also has no internet support button at the bottom…

Does this make sense or are you aware of the American version?

I am now separate of the launcher and I am testing my theory. If this does not work I will promptly do the task manager idea you had.

the American publishers won’t sell a game that doesn’t use dollars, and set in America, even though the original game is deliberately set in slough in the UK and sues pounds. I thought it would be nice to have a game set somewhere else ;(
the internet button isn’t a big deal though, i think almost all the updates through it are now in the other versions anyway.

Well I can tell you now that I have switched versions it seems to be nearly flawless… had 1 issue with a crash but it did not happen more than once. That HP Games launcher must be the problem… that or the fact that it was tampered with to make it “American Friendly”.

Ah that’s good. Personally I hate these ‘wrappers’ and launchers that publishers add to games, everything always used to work fine when we had an exe which we double clicked, or a shortcut to an exe. Those were the days etc…