game self shutdown (demo)

i down loaded the demo for the game so i start up my game then it immediately shuts down when i click ship design or something like that. i was wondering if u could help me. o and by the way i tried the pixel thing. still doesn’t work. please answer as soon as you can

it might to so if you have a small laptop. do you have a netbook? it crashed with my friend’s netbook… sigh

i have a computer. oh and i feel sorry for your friend.

o and my demo is 1.25 version

hmm? i wonder why it isn’t patched to the latest version… maybe you should download the demo again? just to patch it up to the latest version :slight_smile:

oh and don’t worry about my friend, he just plays it over here :smiley:

i uninstalled it and installed again

did it work…?

sigh no