Game servers shut after one year??


check this out:

apparently ‘older titles’ that the company dont want you to play anymore, are from the good old days of 2005.
Yup that’s not a typo. Talk about planned obselesence…


They are from the end of 2004…

Example: Fifa Soccer 07 comes out in a few months … 33931.html


But it still sucks…

This is all EA has: games that they release every year; if people stop buying, they stop making money…

Plus they’re not gonna buy a whole lot of servers…

I bet they’re making room for Spore (In addition to adding new servers for it)

That game is planned to be HUGE


well im sure they can run these games off very old or small or even virtual servers. to shut them entirely within 2 years of purchase is terrible.


They’re just too lazy/cheap to add more/better servers into the system…

Besides, I think it costs to keep servers up, and when there aren’t as many people on at a time, and less going on, then would you pay to keep up a server that very few people use?


That’s what happens with commercial companies. They want you to buy their new products. You’ve already paid for the old ones. Why should they care about the few left who want to play the old games? No incentive.


True, but it still annoys me. If there are only a few players, put all the smaller games on one machine. Sure it’d be slower, but then you free up resources for other games without alienating a dedicated group of people.