Game stops after winning the election

I start to play this game, I do everything I could to reach the majority percentual that guarantee me to be elected again, but after the window in which it tells the bars of electors, instead of making me continue to play the game freeze and I have to manually reset it from windows.

Is that normal? Is there no way to keep playing the same game after playing democracy?

No not at all, there should be a button at the bottom of the screen for you to continue, or to return to the menu. Are you saying your whole PC freezes? Have you updated your video card drivers? and checked you have nothing in the way of spyware or viruses on your PC that might be interfering.

No, no buttons or writes appears, game reach the bottom of the bars and then freezes, even the mouse arrow remains blocked like it was before, despite Windows is running well. After game freezes I had to switch in windows, call the ctrl+alt+canc+winndow task manager e and terminate democracy with an “error occured”.

No spyware or virus in my pc, I periodically check for that. My graphic card is an Ati Radeon HD 2600 AGP with last driver.

For what I can say about the game: it was good to play, maybe there are two o three choices that I don’t think they are good, like starting with a minimal % of supporters (if you have win, you have win with majority, or we’ve risen at power with a military push?) or like having some confusional view with the buttons (color nero, color blu, color red, they should be insert in the same part and not casually spreading in the screen). At the end, I like the realistic management of the government, but in some cases I had to deselect the “limited power” because with the xNumber chance were very few.

Could you try running the game in a window (if you aren’t already) to see if this still occurs. It may be something to do with sound drivers, because sounds are often triggered at the end of the election, I can’t see what else could be causing this in your case. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? I assume you have no mods installed that could be causing a conflict?