Game stops/freezes in window mode, if you leave the window

I like the game so far - but I usually play games in windowed mode, so I am still able to check my browser or watch a movie while I’m waiting for more money or for a process to be finished.

But each time I leave the game window the game itself freezes until I return to it. That’s quite frustrating, because usually games keep on going on matter what you do simultaneously.

Is there anything planned for the future, maybe a button in the options menu, where we can choose if we want the game to freeze or to keep going on while we switch to a browser or other stuff?

Actually that’s very dependent on the game - Most games even have a “paused when lose focus” option.

But as an option? Definitely. :slight_smile:

Yep, I haven’t looked into this yet but I’ve had people request this feature a few times already. I know there is an option in Unity3D to not pause when the game loses focus but I don’t know if I can set it in code (IE a switchable option). If not, I might be able to hook into the raw windows DLLs, I will post back here with the results.