game stuck on main menu

feel like starting a thread outside my bug thread here because I literally cannot play the game until this is solved

the game has this please wait speechbox right when I start that never goes away and all of the buttons (including exit system) are unclickable.

I tried reinstalling and didn’t help

I seriously hate to post such a query, but have you rebooted the computer?

Also, GSB2 has a folder that might not be removed on uninstall / re-install on Windows in Users/$USER/Documents/My Games/GratuitousSpaceBattles2
That folder can be corrupted and it was in fact corrupted for me, deleting** it will cause the game to make a new one (hopefully in a more functional state).

** edit – Don’t actually delete it! Just move it in case there’s stuff in there you want, I think a bunch of stuff is your saves and things you’d probably want to keep.

went away on reboot, thanks :smiley: