Game unplayably slow as of recent update


The game used to work really well on Linux using proton, a few months back. However, today, I installed the latest version and it became completely unplayable (UI button animation takes multiple seconds and UI events are delayed by multiple seconds as well).

As I bought the game on Steam, I cannot pinpoint exactly which version made that behavior start. It would definitely help if the option to download specific versions was available on Steam, so I could at least play the game by going back to a version that worked.

I know Linux is not an officially supported platform, but it did work very well before, so maybe it would not be too hard of a fix? Or at least being able to pick a specific version on Steam would help a lot.

Thanks in advance!

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You can reduce UI animation time to minimum in settings

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Thank you for your reply. Animation delay slowness however was merely a symptom of the game running slow.

However, I fail to understand what happened but the issue corrected itself magically, even though I did nothing. I had tried reinstalling everything, restarted the computer multiple times, to no avail. And now it just started working. Very mysterious.

Thank you for the help.

EDIT: Well, that must be karma or something, but it’s back. It thus seems to not be consistent at all.

EDIT2: For what it’s worth, whenever the game’s main menu is not prohibitively slow, the game hangs as soon as I reach the policy graph.

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I’m having the same issue, only I’m having it with Windows 10. (i7 10th gen laptop with intel iris iGPU, even with power to high performance). It seems to be directly correlated to layered dialogs. To reproduce, from the quarterly report screen click through to more detail for, say, focus groups or policies. UI elements are unclickable, or take 10-20 seconds to respond to mouse events.

It is frustrating to work with, but also almost locks out things like post-election cabinet reshuffle, as there are layered dialogs.

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Its the video card, not linux, or proton or even windows 10!

Without fail, everyone who has bad performance problems in the game seems to have the intel iris video card. BUT! do not despair, because multiple people have told me its totally fixed by getting an updated video card. You might need to get one from the intel website, or you might get a better one from the website of your laptop manufacturer, depending on the make.

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