Game unplayably slow as of recent update


The game used to work really well on Linux using proton, a few months back. However, today, I installed the latest version and it became completely unplayable (UI button animation takes multiple seconds and UI events are delayed by multiple seconds as well).

As I bought the game on Steam, I cannot pinpoint exactly which version made that behavior start. It would definitely help if the option to download specific versions was available on Steam, so I could at least play the game by going back to a version that worked.

I know Linux is not an officially supported platform, but it did work very well before, so maybe it would not be too hard of a fix? Or at least being able to pick a specific version on Steam would help a lot.

Thanks in advance!

You can reduce UI animation time to minimum in settings

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Thank you for your reply. Animation delay slowness however was merely a symptom of the game running slow.

However, I fail to understand what happened but the issue corrected itself magically, even though I did nothing. I had tried reinstalling everything, restarted the computer multiple times, to no avail. And now it just started working. Very mysterious.

Thank you for the help.

EDIT: Well, that must be karma or something, but it’s back. It thus seems to not be consistent at all.

EDIT2: For what it’s worth, whenever the game’s main menu is not prohibitively slow, the game hangs as soon as I reach the policy graph.

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