Game Update and Western Front

Hi! I recently purchased both GTB and Western Front as PC d/l through Game Stop for my son. He played through the original campaign on GTB, and then wanted to play Western Front. However, we cannot access Western Front; none of the content appears in the game. In reviewing the forum posts, I noted that the content for WF should be installed in the original game’s directory; it is. The only thing I can find is that we have version 1.008 of GTB and I saw in another forum post that it needs version 1.17 or something like that to run WF. Other posts indicated that GTB should update automatically but our copy does not seem to nor do I see any way to “ask” the program to update/get a patch. Is there a separate patch available or what can we do so that we can run WF? Any help is appreciated!


Hi Sophie and welcome to the forums.
From what you have mentioned below it seems like your unique serial code has not been entered into the game.

  • Open GTB and look for a button Profile / Online
  • In the Profile / Online you will have the Online Profile section.
  • Ensure that your serial key and a unique username is entered, then save changes.

When you next open GTB, it will scan for any updates. (please don’t hit the cancel button)
If it does not find any updates, adjust your system clock forward by a day and run GTB again.

If you have a valid serial code and the game is not downloading updates, then it may be a case where a firewall is preventing GTB from accessing the web to download the latest updates.