Game updated to version 1.13


Or maybe just the non-applicable ones :exclamation:

Went into practice musicianship and had 3 sounds playing.

  1. musicianship … obviously.
  2. background
  3. web interview

It was difficult to hear No 1) :cry:


Confirmed. I get this problem on both my desktop computer and my laptop. As soon as I get rid of the cheap rider the band start to complain even when they have the expensive rider. This is in version 1.13.


So…Say I bought the game on like…arcadetown’s wedsite. So…do I just not get an updated version unless i buy it directly from the place that made it? :question:


Unfortunately that is my understanding.


I hadnt played in a while (was still using v1.04 last time I played) so I was surprised to see the changes.

Here’s a little feedback :

  • The game is A LOT easier then it was before, except for band members leaving for no reason at all (they don’t tell me anything about not liking each other eiter).

  • Once at the 3 years mark, I had already did pretty much everything there was to do + bought everything there was to buy, the last 2 years were spent simply stocking on merchandise and doing as much gigs as possible. (was at 491.24 fame at the end, 1.885.281$)

  • Rehearsal and musicianship don’t matter a whole lot, I thought maybe my members once famous were leaving because of the lack of musicianship, but even while training as much as I could, they kept on leaving.

  • I never bought any CD, watched any other band gig or did any charity gig, they all seemed useless.

Maybe some of those things are intented (like charity gigs not being necessary and same for CDs), but the difficulty of the game really really really went down, maybe it should be a little harder, I used to finish the game with lots of money, but still struggling a little to not get myself into debt by making a bad choice, but now, I found myself with over 400 000$ with only CDs or Shirts to buy.


I just bought Rock Legend on Yahoo! Games yesterday … enjoying it immensely. But it appears that the version I downloaded must be 1.0, because the bugs mentioned in this thread are definitely not fixed. The new features (multiple choices for days off) are missing too. Also having serious problems with inconsistent sound.

How to get the patch?

BTW, I have noticed a serious bug – when I have a recording contract and load a saved game, it forgets that I had a contract (I must pay to record) and soon offers me a new one. When I accept, I don’t earn ANY money on my existing albums, although they continue to sell. Certainly hits the wallet hard. Is this fixed in any patches?


Hi, I’m not aware of a bug relating to saved games and contracts, I’ll investigate.


Could be just the Yahoo version 1.0, but it was definitely happening. I’ve since bought the updated version from your site. Haven’t gotten to the recording contract stage yet, but I do notice the sound problems appear to be solved.

Also, I’ve noticed it’s MUCH harder to get good band members! A far far greater prevalence of bad personality traits! Hardly any “pure good” recruits anymore.


thats something thats trivially modded, if it bugs you, and you don’t mind editing an excel file.


Is there any downloadable patch file? the problem is I dont have internet connection in my house.


I have version “Final 1.15” which must be a version after 1.13 but I still get the complaints about food.

I also have a problem where the screens for getting record label/advertising offers have the text all mashed up together making it unreadable. This is on fullscreen, I will try windowed to see if it helps.


ah no, that screwed up text thing was a bug, just redownload using the same link and the newer version is fixed, I’m not sure if I increased the version number for that one.


Ditto the question here, and from others. I just purchased from

The rider thing was driving me nuts, but I do absolutely love this game.

Please let us know how to get this update.


Ah, found many other threads regarding this. In most of those, the answer is that we non-direct purchasers are out of luck, as those sellers do not report who they sold legitimate, legal copies to so the publisher has no idea if you own a legal copy and therefore are entitled to the download.

Naturally, I deleted the confirmation email from my purchase of the game just before Googling the game and finding these forums.

Purchasing again, direct from the publisher, to get the update so I don’t have to pay double to book gigs or have redundant riders seems too ironic for me. I hope there is a resolution to this consistent with the AMAZING level of support from the games’ creator apparent in all of these threads!


I’ve been trying to arrange to have the latest version automatically distributed through big fish and arcadetown. this goes through yet another party (the publisher) so I’m sure how far they have got. you could always pester the company you bought from and ask them when you are getting the update, just to remind them.


Thanks Cliff, I can only imagine what a nightmare it is to deal with the games’ many distributors. I’ll work on

In the meantime, the game really is great fun, I’ve lost a lot of sleep to it the past few days.


FYI, I put a ticket in with Reflexive Arcade today and they responded that they would speak to you guys with regard to getting the new version :smiley:


ah the joy of bureaucracy. there’s a third party in-between the two of us for extra delays… they will have it very soon I’m sure.


I got it from there yesterday and it’s still the 1.0 version :confused:


I’ll give them a nudge