Game updated to version 1.13


I downloaded the whatever version (1.13?) was active on December 6th, and am still experiencing the venue booking bug. An FYI for you.


Am still wondering about the venue booking bug from my last download. I also downloaded the demo and it’s doing the same thing. Must be my computer? Help please!!! I really want to play this game!


As far as I can tell, I’m also up to date with version 1.13 but I’m still having issues with the riders and the venue. My comp’s also had to be wiped, due to a huge HD issue so any past email I no longer have, which would make any further updates near impossible. Not sure how next to proceed to get this fixed.



don’t worry about losing your email, as long as you remember some details such as your email address and home address, you can always get the game re-downloaded, just email me if you need a new link.


It’s been almost a month and they still have version 1.04 (if the readme file can be trusted)


I had to empty my e-mail and i deleted the link accidently. Is there anyway to get it again so that i can update the game. I’m really sorry about this. I really am. E-Mail me if you can fix this…


Have you got the very latest drivers for your soundcard? I use FMOD for the sound, which tons of games use, so it’s unlikely to be a bug in the fmod code. It sounds more like a driver bug or a setting on some addition al sound software, like many laptops ship with for some reason ;(


I have the older version of this game, but I do not know how to update it. Where do I download it? I have had this game for a while so I don’t have any codes or what have you. Help!


Ok, I am really dense. Exactly how does one update the game?


Hi, if you download the full version from a link in the order email, its always automatically the latest, patched copy. If that link has expired, you can email me at to get it reactivated.


The latest version of the game for DIRECT buyers is 1.16a
found at
how to get it ?

edit: my install file is 1.13final (bought through your site via bmt)


the link in your email still works use it to get the latest.


unfortunately not since it is expired
“The above password information expires on Wednesday, August 6, 2008.” <- in my email


File Download Error
The password has expired

from the bmt micro site


i suggest sending an e-mail to cliffski. Because the link should work. I’m sure he’ll take care of it.


Ill be downloading the demo
I have a question just before down loading the game , Is it possible to play the game on windows 7.


cant enter my own song, band or avatar names :confused:


Hey I bought Kudos rock legends a few years ago, and due to a new PC dowloaded it again. The version I have redownloaded from the orinigal file link is the old version - non of the new features such as how to relax are available - is there a way I can get the update?