Game version 1.27

I would like to point out some considerations:

1 - The “Mandatory Microchip Implant” policy is present twice in the security briefing

2 - The Firearms Law has an adverse effect on security

3 - Here in Italy the law on firearms is extremely restrictive, in fact in addition to the license (which expires every five years) and the minimum age, there are also a lot of limits regarding the maximum number of pistols / rifles / ammunition that can be held. So in my opinion it would be more correct to move the cursor from “License and Min. Age” to “Strict Controls”

4 - Here in Italy there is also the “Internet Censorship” policy and in my opinion the cursor should be “Some sites blocked”, in fact the piracy sites are continuously blocked even if new ones are created

5 - Here in Italy there is also the “Detention without trial” policy and the cursor should be “90 days”.

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@cliffski doesn’t check if effect already exists :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback! That security thing was just bad data by me…fixing!

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